We (Simone and Malcolm, a young husband-and-wife team) convinced a bunch of investors to give them the money they need to find, purchase, and grow a mid-sized company.

We are following a model called entrepreneurship by acquisition, which we learned about while at Stanford University (a bunch of our professors followed this model prior to becoming teachers). We raised this fund— called a search fund— from a group of experienced individuals and institutional investors familiar with the process of purchasing and running organizations across a broad range of industries.

Our objective is to carry on the legacy of a business owner who would like to retire without compromising the spirit of the company he or she worked hard to create.

If you find yourself thinking “Well, that’s me” or know a business owner looking to retire while keeping the business intact, please email us or call (469) 629-9770 and leave a message (if we cannot answer, we will call back ASAP).

Simone and Malcolm Collins