Our Goals Are Aligned

Our job is to utilize your existing team to raise your company to new heights over the long term. We have no team of our own to “take over” aside from us (that is, Simone and Malcolm). Our investors expect a 35% internal return on investment from us— a return that is only achievable through growth and expansion, not blunt cost cutting.

We firmly believe that making money need not be mutually exclusive with acting in a compassionate way and our past results demonstrate that. We are betting our futures on the enduring strength of what you created and helping the employees whose journey you helped start continue on their journey after you leave.

We have an enormous amount of flexibility in how we structure our deal.


      • We want to utilize your existing team
      • Your company will be our life
      • We can be flexible with our deal structure
      • We have no pressure to exit in the near future
      • We have experience starting, running, and growing companies
      • Our investors have invested in and advised hundreds of individuals like ourselves as they purchased and grew companies like yours

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